Performance Management Process

Performance management is the ongoing process of monitoring and developing employee skills and performance.  When practiced consistently, performance management supports employees in their development as professionals, which in turn leads to a high performing, engaged workforce.

Performance Review Process

The annual Staff and AAP Performance Review process takes place within GMS.  The annual review process involves an evaluation based on core competencies, along with a review of goals from the past year. The list of competencies and their descriptions, as well as other related terms and tools, can be found here.

The annual performance review period is March 1 – February 28.

Annual Review Process

The Annual Performance Review process creates an opportunity for managers and employees to discuss departmental and individual goals, recognize challenges accomplishments from the prior year and to plan for professional development in the year ahead. This is also an opportune time to reflect on how new ways of working and communicating may shape and inform shared goals and how to achieve them.

Who is eligible?
Regular/Term Administrative employees hired prior to March 1 who have successfully completed any applicable probationary period.

GU-Q Annual Reviews – Recommended Schedule for FY 23

Wednesday, February 22Staff/AAP Reviews Launched in GMS
Thursday, March 16Employee Self Evaluation Due
Thursday, April 6Manager Evaluation completed in GMS and printed (hard copy or PDF) for review with employee
Thursday, April 13Completion of Annual Performance Meeting and Manager’s Manager approval in GMS
Thursday, April 20Deadline for full completion of annual reviews (includes completion of Manager and Employee Acknowledgements in GMS)
Thursday, May 18Goals for FY24 (March 1, 2023-February 28, 2024) entered in GMS

Training Materials

Annual Reviews: On-Demand Training Materials

Performance Management Terms and Tools

Materials from the March 2023 Performance Management Workshops:
Workshop for Employees
Workshop for Managers

GMS User Guides (by role):
Employee Self Evaluation and Acknowledgement Steps
Manager Evaluation and Acknowledgement Steps
Manager’s Manager Review Step

Goals: On-Demand Training Materials

Creating/Updating Goals in GMS (handout)
Creating SMART Goals (PDF)

You can find additional training support for the performance review process through the Performance Management page on the University Human Resources site, or by contacting Nicole Heinz in GU-Q’s HR department.