HR Services


GU-Q offers full-time faculty and staff a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, retirement, housing (or housing allowance), home leave, transportation and educational assistance for dependent children. More information can be found on the Benefits and Allowances webpage. For questions related to your benefits, including eligibility and how to enroll or makes changes, please contact GU-Q’s Compensation and Benefits Manager, Gemma Davies.

General HR Support

Need help opening a bank account, purchasing a car, or applying for a visa? Contact a member of the HR team or e-mail We can help clarify your questions and assist you with the process. Note: Many of these activities will require a letter from your employer, which will need to be issued by HR.

Georgetown Management System (GMS)

Georgetown Management System (GMS) is the University’s online Human Capital Management, Payroll and Finance system where employees can perform a variety HR, benefits and payroll activities including make benefit elections/changes, view/print payslips / W-2s, designate emergency contacts, complete timesheets, and request time off. For questions related to GMS, please e-mail

GUIDs and NetIDs for GU-Q Affiliates

Non-University employees who are affiliated with GU-Q (such as researchers, collaborators, contractors, and spouses of employees) can receive a NetID and GUID via the Sponsored University Associate (SUA) process. For more information or to request a SUA account, please e-mail

Employee Immigration and Government Services

HR is available to help employees with a variety of immigration-related processes, including document attestation, police clearance, Residency Permit, and visas. We can also assist employees with obtaining drivers licenses and dealing with government authorities, if needed. Questions can be emailed to or, in case of an emergency, please contact Omar Al Swadi in HR.

HR Communications

The HR Newsletter is a weekly publication sent to the GU-Q community with important HR highlights, resources, curated learning and development content, and practical information related to living in Qatar. GU-Q Wellness News is a biweekly publication highlighting health and wellness related information, activities, and resources. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the newsletters, please contact us at


Employees at GU-Q are paid either on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Monthly pay periods are calendar months and paydays are the last working day of the month. Bi-weekly payroll weeks run from Sunday through Saturday and paydays are the Sunday following the end of the second week of the pay period. For a copy of the bi-weekly payroll schedule or other questions related to payroll, please e-mail

Professional Development

GU-Q offers a variety of learning and development opportunities to support our employees’ professional and personal growth and development. More information, including how to request training or conferences, can be found on the Learning and Development webpage.

Recruitment and Onboarding

The HR team works closely with departments through the entire recruitment life cycle. This includes assistance with job advertising, interview and selection, and hiring and onboarding. HR also coordinates the expatriation process for employees relocating from outside of Qatar, and assists with school placement for children and spousal employment. Questions? Please e-mail us at

Tax Assistance Program

Long-term faculty, staff and AAP employees hired to work on a full-time basis may be eligible for tax assistance and tax preparation services. Further information can be found in GU-Q’s Tax Equalization Policy (login required) and Expatriate Tax Handbook (login required). Questions may also be emailed to


GU-Q Wellness is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of faculty, staff and their family members by providing a range of health and wellness-related programs and activities throughout the year. For more information, including a calendar of upcoming events and useful resources, please visit the GU-Q Wellness webpage.