Learning and Development

Employee Learning and Development at GU-Q

The Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) Human Resources Department is committed to offering a variety of development opportunities to support employees across the institution.

Training opportunities may include workshops held on campus and led by instructors who are experts in a particular field or by members of the Georgetown community. Such courses are typically open to all staff and faculty and are limited only by the number of seats available. If there is a particular topic you think might be of interest to the GU-Q community, please contact GU-Q Human Resources.

Requesting Training

If there is a specific training or development need identified by an employee and approved by a manager, employees may submit a request for training or professional development using the Training and Professional Development Request Form.

When submitting a request for training or conferences, employees should ask themselves*:

  • Is this training or conference related to the core functions of my position?
  • Who will this training or course benefit (e.g. the individual, the department, the University, etc.)?
  • Is this the most cost effective means of acquiring the desired knowledge/skills?
  • How will I implement the knowledge gained?

*Note: Additional guidelines can be found on page 3 of the Training and Professional Development Request Form.

The request should be routed for approval by the supervisor and/or unit head and then sent to the Associate Director for Rewards and Wellness, where it will go through final review and the employee will be notified of the decision. If the development opportunity requires paying a registration fee, HR will advise on the process for payment.