1. New Hire Documents

Below is a list of documents necessary to complete the hiring process at Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q). The documents should be submitted using the button below or in person by visiting the GU-Q Human Resources department. If you have any questions, please contact email

Non-U.S. Taxpayers

Employees who do not have a tax obligation to the U.S. must provide the following documents:

U.S. Taxpayers

Employees who are U.S. taxpayers must provide the following documents:

US Taxpayers must also complete one of the following tax forms, depending on their state of residence: 

Employees residing in Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia should submit the corresponding withholding form. Employees residing elsewhere should use the D-4A Certificate of Non Residence in D.C. form.

2. Medical Forms

3. Payroll and Tax Forms

4. Telework Forms

GU-Q staff may apply to work from home (within Qatar) up to one day per week. To apply, please speak with your supervisor and then submit the following documentation for approval.

Telework Application and Agreement (download and open with Adobe Acrobat)

Protected Health Information (PHI) for Teleworkers (applicable only for employees who work with PHI)

For more information, please refer to GU-Q’s Telework Policy FAQs. Questions can be directed to

5. Other Forms

*Please note that GU-Q is able to deposit salary into U.S. and Qatar banks only. GU-Q Human Resources can assist in setting up a local bank account. This must be done after the employee has relocated to Doha. Employees with a U.S.-based banking account may opt to have all or part of their salary deposited into either the Qatari-based or U.S.-based bank account.