GU-Q Holiday Calendar

The University recognizes the value of time off for employees to celebrate religious and national holidays. Each year, the Office of Human Resources will provide a list of approved holidays. The days will include the named holidays required by Qatari Labor Law and additional ones as specified by the University. When a holiday falls on a weekend another day may be scheduled. Employees may request applicable leave for other religious observances that are not part of the GU-Q Holiday Calendar.

HR Policy 601Q Holidays

Please find below a list of approved holidays for the 2022/2023 academic year:

2023 Holidays

January 1New Year’s Day
February 14Qatar National Sports Day
April 9Easter Sunday
April 23-25Eid al-Fitr (3 days)
June 19 Juneteenth
June 27 – July 2Eid al-Adha (4 days)

2022 Holidays

April 17Easter Sunday
May 2-4Eid al-Fitr (3 days)
June 19Juneteenth
July 10-13Eid al-Adha (4 days)
December 18Qatar National Day
December 21Additional Winter Holiday
December 22Christmas Eve (observed)
December 25Christmas Day
December 26-28Winter Holidays (3 days)
December 29New Year’s Eve (observed)